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The 14th MTG WORLD

Annual Conference

25-27 Jan 2015

Phnom Penh, Cambodia


The 3rd S.M.I.L.E.

Annual Conference

Okinawa, Japan

Sep/Oct 2015




           Olymtech-MTG WORLD Partnership

           23 March 2015, Singapore



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(2015-03-23 Monday Singapore) OlymTech, the leading cloud application service provider for international logistics, today entered a strategic agreement with MTG WORLD, a group of the world leading international logistics alliance networks having its headquartered based in Singapore, aiming to combine its Global Networks and All its Memberships and resources into CargoPM Online platform, the world first Online Global Logistics platform and marketplace that is built on using the cloud technology and powered by OlymTech

In the past eight years, OlymTech has built up a 30,000+ freight forwarders in its membership base on its world leading cloud platform CargoGM for the logistics community. CargoGM is a suite of powerful cloud-based applications based on OlymTech’s leading technology developed over the past 10 years in Silicon Valley, USA and Shanghai, China. Initially 250 top tier CargoGM members, mostly large scale and specialized forwarders, will be selected to become service providers on CargoPM  platform.

In the agreement, OlymTech will offer 250+ active MTG WORLD members that covered more than 105 countries including North America, South & Central America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, South East Asia, North Asia, India subcontinent and Indo-China to join and to utilise the CargoPM platform and linking these members within the Online Logistics Marketplace.

OlymTech will also integrate MTG CHINA’s team to develop and expand MTG network in China.

All MTG WOLRD members will be benefiting from this most advance and first of its kind of both the Online and Offline CargoGM’s platform. This will enable all users from both Olymtech and MTG WORLD to be highly equipped and being linked together in conducting business on a single integrated system and platform.

Both parties are also in planning to kick-off CargoPM’s global campaigns including several international road shows, such as, Intra-Asia Road Show (Jakarta, Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City), Indian Sub-Continent road show in Mumbai as well as and the Middle East road show in Dubai. These international road shows have been scheduled and planned starting from the late April to Jun 2015.

“The world of Information Technology is changing and so are the ways of conducting businesses. This is definitely a new era for us. We are very excited to partner with OlymTech to bring the best value-added-services to both our users/members as well as to the entire international logistics industry” Said by Mr. Freddy Kuan, the Chairman of the MTG WORLD

The General Manager and co-founder of OlymTech, Mr. Ken Chen, told guests and reporters during the ceremony: “Our goal is to solve the most critical issues for the industry today and develop the way for tomorrow. When we are talking about trade and logistics, there is no boundary. We will do it in a global scale. We are looking forward to work with Chairman Kuan and its great team of industry experts”.

Officials and guests invited to attending and to witnessing in this significant Signing Ceremony in Singapore includes special guests from SAP Singapore, Microsoft Singapore as well as key industry leaders within this Intra-Asia region from Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Cambodia.

The 1st leg Signing Agreement was signed in Beijing, China while the 2nd leg Signing Ceremony was held in Novotel Clarke Quay Singapore on 23 March 2015


Best Regards

Freddy Kuan



MTG Missions


With mega-forwarders getting larger every day, the world of smaller and medium size forwarders see their market shares taken away helplessly and many are also beginning to look for ways to look bigger and stronger while remaining independent.

Now your organization has the opportunity to join the Multimodal Transport Group Network (MTG), who is dedicated to forming to alliance with a large pool of experienced and resourceful international logistics providers. MTG's mission is to provide a comprehensive

The Group adopts a philosophy of on-going and continuous joint business development strategies, emphasize on member’s quality service improvement and the quest for technologies innovation will help to develop and to transform members into a dynamic group of independent organization supported with massive global network coverage, value-added services, and the technological competency to face the challenges in the knowledge based economy.

Our VISIONS are: 

To be a proactive and dynamic global freight group/network that is responsive to the needs of its members and the international trading community and to establish a culture of professionalism with integrity, competency, and efficiency for the interest of quality service management.

Its VALUES are

  • Forward Thinking
    We aim to be proactive and innovative. We will harness the best technologies and practices so as to stay relevant, efficient and competitive.

  • Integrity
    We shall be honest and morally courageous in carrying out our duties. We will be fair and above board in all our business dealings and relationships.

  • Responsibility
    We shall do our work with pride and commitment.

  • Service Excellence
    We shall strive to serve our customers competently, courteously and efficiently. We shall persevere to excel in all areas of our work through continual learning and positive work attitude.

We value teamwork, harmony and unity in our working relationships. We shall do our work with steadfastness and consideration for our colleagues and customers.

 The MTG Membership Structure

The reason why the MTG membership concept is unique compared to other networks is because all members have a NON-EXCLUSIVE to EXCLUSIVE representation. This concept is to ensure diversified services and the creativity of discovering new niche markets. MTG currently has up to 5 member representatives per city/country (except China, USA & India)

Our concept of forming partnerships on a worldwide scale has enabled highly successful companies to work together, making the MTG one of the world’s leading groups in the growing industry of multimodal transportation. Thus, providing clients with the benefits of personal service and high technology communication.

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